Tailor made services for your wedding in Crete

Planning & Designing

Planning your dream wedding can be overwhelming. Our Wedding Planning and Managment team, goes through every phase of your wedding step by step. The process starts with first discussing what the theme of you wedding would be. Then we go into detailed consultation to understand preferences, style, and requirements for the day. This is the perfect service leaving you to enjoy the best parts of the process, stress-free.

Videography & Photography

Videography is increasing in popularity every year, though it’s still not as popular as photography. However, the majority of couples who choose not to hire a wedding videographer will wish they had done so afterward. Modern technology has advanced the quality of the equipment dramatically and the end product is a lavish, well-edited and professional product that couples will be proud of and keen to view again and again. Most couples will rank wedding videography much lower on their lists than other wedding day essentials; however, failing to find the cash to fund one may be a decision they regret later. Photographers get booked up well in advance. Photographs are arguably one of the most important elements of the day. Spending a little more to get exactly what you want at the expense of something less important may be the right call, and we can guarantee that in ten years you will be pleased that you did.

Wedding Cakes
& Desserts

Wedding cakes have been a traditional sight at weddings for thousands of years. Wedding cake cutting is the first significant task that the newlyweds undertake as a married couple. Nowadays, the design or the option of a wedding cake is only limited by imagination. We always use the best pastry Chefs to prepare the desired cake for our weddings. With the best quality of products used and imagination we create specially designed cakes for the occasion. Anything you would have in mind, you can pretty much rest assured.

Catering & Rentals

The catering industry is made up of companies ranging from personal chef services to large off-premise commercial kitchen operations. It concentrates mostly on catering side for the event. It includes the preparations, the menu, the delivery of service and cleaning. If requested it may also include the linens, the glasses, silverware, and all other dinner essentials that is required for the event. Most weddings involve at least one rental order. Rentals allow couples to set the stage for their wedding in a way that would not be cost-effective if they had to purchase all of the items. Rentals such as lighting, tables, chairs, linens, tableware, equipment, and other specialty items serve dual purposes. First, each rental will have a specific function. Second, rentals add to the theme and mood of the wedding, varying from traditional sophistication to funky modernity. We work with the finest catering services of Crete with provide remarkable service, delightful food and drinks for your special day.

Beauty Services

As for every woman on this special day, she would want to feel more beautiful than ever. We provide bridal services for both hair and make up, where we can discuss excalty what you are looking for on this special day, as well if you require this service just for you, for your friends and family. Our team are proffessionally skilled to make sure you and your friends and family look amazing on your wedding.


The quality of entertainment within an event can meet the eyes of the clients. All weddings have a one and only expirience for our guests and mostly for our couples. While many times there are other priorities, entertainment is something we always suggest not to skip on. Wedding entertainment is so much more than music, it’s an experience, a feeling, sometimes a show, and often interactive. We try our best to for fill the desire our clients are looking for a wonderful and unforgetable wedding. We turn our attention to the chosen performers and allow them to develop the content necessary to achieve the goals set by the client and producer.

Floral Decoration

Floral decorations is a key component of any wedding no matter what’s the scale of any particular wedding. Whether you are looking for a small ceremony or something extravagent, flowers add colour and texture to your special day. This is why we always work with the best florist to make sure the flower arrangement is designed with care for your special day.